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This would be good but...

You need to fix the text... sometimes it's a little hard to see and you should never ever submit unfinished work. Just wait for your computer to work again and then finish it up.

Great animation but...

I'm sure you've heard this a lot, but it's important, most people on newgrounds speak English and English only. I happen to speak two languages... but the second one is not Spanish so I couldn't understand a word. If you submit something that relies heavily on understanding the dialogue it should have subtitles in English.

Great animation though, I loved your style. If you add those subtitles in, I'm sure you'll have a great flash.

It was funny =D

Yeah even though the animation wasn't amazing, it fit well with the style and the humour. I personally am a playstation fan, but I still found this really funny. Good job, dude. =D

Angelsainted responds:

Hell yeah! Thanks for the review man!

Those shapes rocked!

Hehehe that was really great. It wasn't that long or anything, but it all came together really well. Good job!

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it could have been a lot better... if it were funny... all in all it was really boring... reaaaally boring, you know... i used to be a clock myself... then i realized how stupid they all were... well some are, strawberry clock is cool, but alot of the real figure heads of the clock crew are really mean and have become total assholes with power. i probably would have voted higher normally but i still hold a grudge against the clock crew and also the anti-clocks

I hate them both... so what does that make me? meh, i don't really care, it was a good movie but... i dunno, it just seemed a little forced in some areas, and boring... and stuff... i couldn't really follow everything that well... and it just made me want to jab a toothpick up my ass and then twist.

Well the reason I hate the anti-clocks and the clocks is... well i told you why I hate the clocks, a lot of the little guys in the clock crew are great, like you for example, but the real big ones suck a lot. I'm looking at you magic clock... or i think thats what he's called... something like taht. I hate the anti-clocks because they blammed my decent couple of flashes only because they were clock movies, they weren't great, but they were certainly better then a lot of the stuff i see go through the portal. Well keep up the excellent work.

Blood-Fury responds:

I am already bizzy on my next movie that will be called SBC's room. EN that will be much funner!


That was hilarious, seriously, that was the funniest thing I've seen all day. Especially the ending... ahahahahah "House awaaay!" hehehehehhe, I SALUTE YOU!

Ryan-Smith responds:

Wow, you loved it too much, but thank you.

oh my god...

Wow, that was so entertaining, the sounds were perfect and it was so amazing... wow. This is so crazily amazing. This is so great.

Ummmmmmm... o_O

Well... that was... amuzing... lol No, really, it was. I just wish I could understand what they were saying...


It was a good concept... I do have to admit that but it didn't exactly come together great. I laughed a bit for the first minute or so but then it just repeated itself a lot. I think Numa Numa parodies are still good, (to all you other reviewers out there who think that Numa Numa parodies are dead) but you need more then three different things that go on. Keep trying, but I think if you just made it a little better it would be amazing as opposed to mediocre. But I will vote 4/5 for the effort.

Heheheh... cheesepie

Yeah that was pretty cool. I really loved the animation.... yeah it was cool. People need to use that kind of animation more. Like one time I saw this flash and you know, the animation was really crappy and stuff and I thought they should the animation good. So then I didn't write I review but I thought the animation was good for this one. This reminds me of one time I saw this chicken in this farm place but it was an attack chicken and it was all crazy and like it bit me.... so then we did this thing and went home and then on the way home there was this crazy sign that said something like kangaroos for next couple of kilometres but where I live there are no kangaroos so it was weird. One time I was going to move to australia and I was very excited but then we ended up not moving to australia and it was kinda weird so yeah... not talking eh? Well when you decide to say hi let me know.

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